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Newsletter 10th August 2017

Everything goes as planned

Magic Forset Ltd's first oxytree plantation is developing just like a dream

Our oxytree plantation is 10 weeks old. The 5 cm saplings have become 1.3 meter trees in 10 weeks:) The growth of the forest is well beyond our expectations, the 12 weeks-old trees will probably be taller than 2 meters.

In these days in order the roots to develop more, the lower leaves are going to be removed. Until now we have been watering the trees every day but from September we plan to give them less and less water gradually. As the root of the tree go down very deep and the weather will be more rainy, it won't cause any problem.

Each spring we plan to create newer and bigger plantations, from the 5th year the cash flow will start and we turn the valuable trees into gold:)

Building of the second Osmo Car Wash has started

We can be fully satisfied with the turnover of our self-service car wash in Beregszasz. At the end of the 4th month we see that the turnovers were improving month by month, even though July was a very dry month which is bad for the business in general but still we could reach an 8% increase in turnover:)

We have received the building permit for our car wash project in Munkacs, thus the preparation for the construction has started. With similar construction costs, this new 4-bay car wash is expected to provide higher income and return on investment than the one in Beregszasz. If we manage to stick to the schedule, our new goose with the golden eggs will be ready to operate by Christmas:) 

Construction of Beregszasz parking zones are starting soon

It seems, we will manage to overcome all the burocratic obstacles this August and we can sign the finalized contract with the Beregszasz local government so that Royal Parking Ltd can create and operate the downtown parking zones.

This project is going to be a good example in the Lower Carpathians. We are meeting the mayor of Munkacs in early September to discuss the creation and operation of the town's parking zones:)

We are in the first phase of utilizing fantastic opportunities and building up a unique company and network. We are very glad that You are with us in these exciting times. I can just encourage you to get acquainted with and utilize the business opportunity of the Gold Millionaire system!

Best Regards,
Norbert Kiraly
Managing Director
Gold Millionaire Ltd.